Inventive Cabinetry is the local distributor for Canyon Creek Cabinet Company near Seattle, WA. Our professional team can help you guide you to the door and color that works with your personal style.

Our Manufacturer 

Canyon Creek Cabinet Company is based out of Monroe, WA in the Seattle metropolis. They have been in business for over 30 years and have dedicated themselves to excellence. Their warehouse is over 250,000 square feet, for which most of that space is dedicated to producing a spectacular product.

The Cornerstone cabinet line is the go-to for any framed cabinets. We have four overlays in Cornerstone: traditional, modified traditional, inset, and beaded inset. Cornerstone offers a wide array of modifications and product options for getting around your home's unique spaces.

The Katana cabinet line is our "stock" option for frameless cabinets. While door styles and modifications are limited, this line presents our most economical option, while still providing enough variety.

Millennia is main line when it comes to frameless cabinets and versatility. Millennia offers a slightly larger array of cabinets with it's inclusion of door options such as metal, GreenLam, and exotic wood veneers. Millennia also allows for all the modifications and product options we offer.

Our Closets Plus package offers a wide range of options to optimize any storage space, whether it be a closest, a pantry, or a utility room. It's easy installation allows the design of the space to be rearranged as needs change.